Platform One

Platform One is a digital pharma business solutions platform connecting pharmacies with a large network of stores, distributors and manufacturers to facilitate their day to day supply chain objectives related to medicines, cosmetics and medical supplies efficiently.


Enhancing the pharmaceutical supply chain to deliver an optimal healthcare system.


Platform provides a range of digital pharmaceutical business solutions connecting pharmacies with suppliers through efficient and accurate value chain integration.


  • Integrity

    We treat our stakeholders with the utmost trust and transparency

  • Agility

    Our efficient communication enables us to be dynamic organization for future market challenges.

  • Customer Centricity

    Each customer is our focus, and our progress is directly linked to his success.

  • Enabling Innovation

    We are continuously proactive in developing digital pharmaceutical business solutions

Platform One is a digital solution aimed to resolve current pharma supply chain challenges. The current pharmaceutical supply chain has many obstacles, which make the reach of medicine difficult from a manufacturer to patient. The main problems are lack of integration, traditional manual process, low technology connection, and limited reach.

Platform One works on enhancing the connection between suppliers and pharmacies by providing a digital platform, where all stockholders can manage their business efficiently through creating a free-flowing supply chain process.

Team Members

Dr Yossry Farghaly
Dr Yossry Farghaly

Managing Director

Dr Abd El-Hady Araby
Dr Abd El-Hady Araby

Co-Founder & Business Development Director

Dr Osama Abd El-Hay
Dr Osama Abd El-Hay

Co-Founder & Marketing Director

Abdelrahamn Moez
Abdelrahman Moez